Cadia Belante
Image of Face, body & space clearing mists

Face, body & space clearing mists


Cleansing, purifying and uplifting scents to revitilize your space, face and body and mind- simply spray over the crown of the head, around your body, room and/or space ♡

Lavender & Frankincense mist has a calming and soothing effect on the body, mind & spirit. Purifies the aura of the body and removes stagnant & negative energies from the body. Great for space learning and general body & face revitalising. Improves sleep ♡

Rose water mist- The queen of all the flowers the oil of the heart, opens the heart, heals the heart. Connects us to our heart space ♡

Eucalyptus mist a refreshing mist that has antibacterial properties & provides respiratory health benefits ♡

Jasmine has a relaxing effect on the body, a sweet romantic and uplifting scent that boosts mood & decreses menopause symptoms ♡

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