Cadia Belante


C A D I A B E L A N T E  F A S H I O N

C A D I A B E L A N T E is a Melbourne based fashion label which focuses on sustainable clothing production. The label was created in response to the increasing volume of already produced materials and the rate at which these materials are becoming landfill.

Cadia Belante proposes to develop ways to re-circulate these consumable items, and at the same time reduce waste. The discovery of large quantities of surplus sleeping bags in second hand stores was an initial catalyst for her exploration into the possibility of re-purposing within fashion design. Cadia began to collect interesting but obsolete items to experiment with, and has since discovered potential for items that would otherwise remain unused, or be thrown away.

Cadia Belante is inspired by the future possibilities of challenging the boundaries within fashion design. Think Captain Planet's Planeteers! – Blurring the lines between art and fashion, innovative street pop culture with a playful infusion of bold color and print. Utilizing recycled sleeping bags, exploring the possibilities of re-purposing within fashion.

C A D I A B E L A N T E  Y O G A 

C A D A I A B E L A N T E'S yoga journey began in 2011, and it has been a part of her left ever since. Discovering a great sense of peace through the practice carried over from the mat into her daily life. After completing her Hatha yoga & yoga Nidra teacher training with Ojashvi Yoga Shala in India in 2017, she began to feel a deep desire to share her passion of yoga with others. Cadia teachers her classes from the heart and believes that everyone should practice yoga! She acknowledges that we are all unique and we are all individuals therefore through her teachings she encorages and assists students to create a practice  tailored to their body and needs. Cadia believes that the mind, body and soul connection us a sacred one and should be nurtured; she is continually inspired by yoga's transformative power- both on a physical level and internal level, so let's come together in the practice to dicover the most peaceful and authentic versions of ourselves! 

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